In the urge to increase the user base, Hulu has teamed up with Spotify to provide the free access to all the US college students with the Spotify student subscription.

Since the beginning, Hulu has started steadily in the era of streaming services. But, with the time and improving features, Hulu has now put itself as one of the key players in the streaming services market. And currently, Hulu is looking out to expand its user base in the market. In such a new attempt to gain the attention of the subscription video on demand market from the major players Netflix, Hulu has now come up with the limited commercial package free for all the subscribers to the Spotify’s student package.  Check out the important points regarding new Hulu package. The whole package will cost the US students $4.99 per month. With this deal, both the services are quite cheaper. The Spotify student gets the service on $5 a month, while the Hulu limited commercial plan costs around $7.99 per month. In the way, the US students will directly save 60% on the video and music subscriptions.

Way of stacking by the two streaming platforms-

Presently, the Spotify is a king in the music streaming world. The dynamic music streaming service has a huge length of the library, with the collection of over 30 million songs. It also includes curated playlists, podcasts, and eventually one of the best music streaming services. Due to the few facts, selecting not to stream their favorite bunch of songs on the music on the platform, this is the case in the minority. The biggest Hulu’s attractions are that it renders many numbers of network shows just after the 24 hours. Besides this, it also renders an impressive collection of original content along with “The Handmaid’s Tale,” which has recently won the first Emmy for Hulu.

Way to sign up-

It’s unfortunate to tell that the deal is not available for students elsewhere. Even, though it is also not available for all the post-graduates. Thus, the offer is only eligible for all the graduates studying in their first year.

For accessing the deal, all the eligible students must need to log into their Spotify student account and then confirm by Sheer ID verification.

Streaming Wars-

With this move, Spotify and Hulu are the part of the crucial music and video streaming services attracting all the users by making the team with the providers. For instance, Hulu has begun the distributing of content from the rivals such as HBO, as the part of an upgrade to the subscription plan. While, its biggest archrival, Netflix is rendering a free subscription to a certain number of consumers on the T-Mobile network.

Apart from this, it has also declared that the expansion of the distribution deal with the Orange TV in France. The expansion will include 29 countries in which Orange is also there, which is starting in 2018.

Currently, with the 12 million subscribers, Hulu is now heading to dragging the Netflix by some of the 88 million worldwide subscriptions. Now, knocking the door of the US undergraduate market, an estimate of 20.4 million students in 2017, which could be a game changer for Hulu.

Even, Spotify will also be looking to top the position as the global leader in music streaming. While it has got 60 million global subscribers, the competition is quite tighter than the SVOD market- Apple music is now getting close to the mark of 30 million worldwide subscribers.

Outside US

All the student or non-student outside the US will not be able to access Hulu without a VPN. In the same way, Spotify access is available in most parts of the world, if you are living in the area of Africa, or Asia, you will not be capable of using the service.


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