If you are a Hulu user who adores to download and watch TV shows on its big screen, then check out the way to better the downloading speed of Hulu shows.

All Hulu users, how are you doing with your dynamic Hulu streaming service? The ultimate Hulu streaming service has now marked its position as one of the top class streaming services in the market. With the bunch of quality features and services, the streaming service has also been one of the main choices for all the global users around the world.

The best thing about the Hulu streaming service is that it renders you the access to thousands of TV shows and movies on your television or computer. Hulu is the ideal option of having the entertainment on your big screen. All you need is a stable and reliable internet connection for having the smooth video streaming, and it also needs a minimum download speed of 3 Mbps for HD quality videos. In the case, if you experience choppy and stutters videos, then you seriously need to enhance your download speed by making some of the required adjustments to your network or the device settings.

Check out the bunch of some of the general tips:

  1. Head on to delink all the other devices from your network before you start watching any Hulu video.
  2. Just shut down the Hulu service, router, and modem for some time (approx… one minute), and then restart the devices.
  3. Head to link the Hulu device with an Ethernet cable. The Wired connections are the better and the stable choice as compare to the wireless ones.
  4. Don’t play the video until the buffer bar gets into the full state. You can experience the freezing and stuttering of the video if you head to try to play the video at the time of buffering.

Device related Tips:

  1. If you are watching the video on Xbox 360 console, then head to remove the Hulu software from the dashboard. After that head on to reinstall the software by downloading it from the Apps section. Apart from this, also head to remove and recover the profile of Xbox Live Gamertag.
  2. Now, head to press “R1” button on the controller at the time of watching the videos on a PS 3 console. After doping, the video quality automatically sets to Auto. After this, head to remove the Hulu app and then reinstall it from the Play Station Store. For resetting the system date, head to choose “Settings- Date and Time Settings- Date and Time- Set via the Internet.”
  3. If you are watching any video on a TiVo Premiere device, then head to select a lower bitrate. For doing this, head to press the “Pause” on the TiVo remote and then choose “Video Quality.”
  4. Accessing a lower video quality on a Blu-ray player or a Samsung TV. Just head to press “Down” on the remote, then head to choose “Video Quality” and then select a lower bitrate.  Now, head to perform the factory reset if the video buffering continues. If you got a Blu-ray player, then hold the “Stop” button on the device for around 10 seconds to easily reset it.  While on a TV, just hold the “Exit’ button for around 10 seconds and then choose “Reset to default settings” for resetting it.
  5. Lastly, head on to upgrade your firmware if you’re watching the videos on a Roku player. After that, just choose “Settings,” “Player Info,” and “Check for Update” to easily install the latest firmware. If you still get any bug, then head on to remove the Hulu channel and then go to the Channel Store to reinstall the channel again.

Still, if you experience the speed or other issues again, just head to the expert’s team to get the lineup of fine solutions and better guidance.

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