While streaming your Hulu streaming service, if you are getting the Hulu error 5003 on your Apple TV and PS4, then check out the necessary steps to fix it.

All Hulu streamers, how is it going with your classic Hulu streaming service? With the dynamic features and quality services, the streaming service has been a preferable choice for all the global users around the world. If you are a starter and wish to create your Hulu account, then just head to the professionals to get the proper guidance.

Apart from the fine range of features, there are some of the instances where the users have to face problems while streaming their favorite content on their compatible device. You can relate this problem with the error 5003. The error appears on the device when you head to play any content via the Hulu app always gets into the freezing state. And the error also asks you to check out your internet connection.

You will be required to perform few steps for fixing the issue. The first thing that you are required to do, whether you are using PS4 or Apple TV is to turn off the device and router and then wait for around 60 seconds.  After waiting for 60 seconds, head to turn on your internet router and then your compatible device. Now, head back to the Hulu app and then try to play any content. You should be doing this without any issue.

Well, turning your router and device on and off won’t let you solve the error easily. If you are facing this type of case, then there are few number of things which you will require to do properly to fix the problem.  The fixing of the issue is quite same whether you are facing the issue on your PS4 or an Apple TV but, looking at the seriousness of the problem; we decided to come up with the reliable steps that can troubleshoot the problem easily. We will kick start the steps with the Apple TV and then PS4.

Check out all the steps to get rid of the error on your Apple TV-

  1. Firstly, head on to check the internet connection and make sure that the connection is stable and reliable.
  2. Just try out to switch off your router and Apple TV.
  3. After that, head on to check that if there are any availability of software updates that you are still required to perform on your device. If you get any update, just perform it properly.
  4. Apart from the above option, you can also try out to quit the Hulu app on the device.
  5. If you have got a lineup of other device linked to your home, then you can head to delink them.
  6. The last option that you can try out is to restart the Apple TV device and then view whether it solves out the problem or not.

Check out all the steps to get rid of the error on your PlayStation four-

  1.  Firstly, confirm that there is no issue with your internet connection and it is working in a stable condition.
  2. If you track anything wrong with your internet connection, then you should head to switch off the PlayStation four and the router.
  3. If you have got the lineup of other device linked other than your PlayStation four, you can try out to delink them all and check any helping difference.
  4. If the mentioned-above things don’t work, then head to remove the Hulu app from your PlayStation and then install it again.
  5. The last option that you can try and which could sound little odd to you is the resetting of the date and time on your PlayStation.

If the mentioned above solutions don’t fix the error on your device, then you can contact the Hulu experts to get the professional guidance and assistance.

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