If your streaming gets hindered due to the unwanted streaming problems along with the login issues, then check out the fixing steps below.

Since the launch, Hulu has just kept up the spirit alive to stay in the list of the best streaming services in the market. By rendering the amazing bunch of features and mind-boggling content, the streaming service has also become the favorite of all the worldwide users. Being a recent user, if you want to adjust the settings of your account, then you can head to www Hulu com account settings to get the way to do the required settings according to your requirement.

As the market is progressing, Hulu has also chosen the path to enhance the streaming experience of all the Hulu users by upgrading its service with the latest features and also updating the bunch of new titles under the belt of Hulu’s content library.

It’s always been amazing to access the Hulu classics on your compatible device screen. But, there are some of the users who get stuck to log in their account. If you are facing the log in issues on your Hulu account, then check out the steps below-

1. Can’t’ logging to the My account page- 

If you are getting log in the problem to Hulu.com/account, the head to reset the password first. In the case, if you don’t get any password from the email from our side, then there are chances that it may be in the spam folder. Or, consider that there could be any other Hulu account that may get registered to a different email address and try to log in again.

2. No log in issue, but the subscription is inactive- 

If you are not able to log in, then check out if there is any billing problem and then update the information based on the need. In the case, if the subscription has been canceled, but you got billed by the Hulu, then consider that there could be any other Hulu account that may get registered to a different email address and try to log in again.

Apart from this issue, if you get streaming problem on your compatible device, then check out the general steps to fix the issue-

  • Head on to unplug the equipment for around one minute and then the power back up.
  • In the case, if you are watching out a video over a wireless connection, just link the device to the router with an Ethernet cable.
  • Head on to delink any other devices from the network.
  • Now, just refer to the router manufacturer for the configuration and settings information that can help to enhance the strength of the network.

If these solutions don’t work, then check out the additional solutions for all the android device holders-

  1. Firstly, head on to clear the cache of the Hulu’s app. For doing this, just head to the home screen and then head to “Setting”- “Applications”- “Manage Applications”- “All”- “Hulu and press the “Clear cache” option.
  2. Just force stop the Hulu’s app. For doing that, head to Settings- Applications- Manage Applications- All- Hulu and press Force Stop option.
  3. Head to uninstall, power cycle, and then reinstall the app. Head on to “Setting”- “Applications”- “Manage Applications”- “All”- “Hulu” and then press the “Uninstall” option.

Note:  If you are running the Android 4.4.4 or the lower version, then just skip this step).

  1. Switch off the device and then wait for 1 minute. After that just switch it on.
  2. Now, just reinstall the Hulu app from the Google Play Store.

Still, if you get any tech bug, then just head to the team of professionals to get the solutions and support.


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