In the race for streaming services, Netflix is not the only dominating player in the market. There are some fine reasons to choose Hulu over Netflix as your streaming partner.

In the course of the intense competition and consumers demand, the streaming services are on their feet to render the best streaming experience to their respective users around the world. And it is quite clear why the competing companies are putting excessive money for enhancing the quality of their service.

If you look at the market, Netflix is one of the big names in the kingdom of all the available streaming services in the market. Due to its huge catalog size and fascinating features, Netflix just owes a large percentage of the audience in the market. But, other streaming platforms have also started to think out of the box and constantly improving their services, like Hulu. Check out some of the fine reasons where Hulu overpowers Netflix in a dominating way.

1. Rapid Turnaround Of The Current TV

This is the main feature of Hulu which makes it better than Netflix. While Netflix streams the latest seasons of the TV show for up to a year after they get premiered, and Hulu offers the latest episodes only with the 24 hours after they get premiere on the network. This time gapping ensures that Hulu is the best streaming service that allows a fine compromise between the cord-cutting and cable.

2. Strong Network Partnerships

The reason behind providing the spectacular catalog of TV shows with a fine turn around in the business is the partnership with the best of the best companies in the business. The company has recently added the CW network to its live streaming service along with the top five major U.S. broadcasters. It also provides a joint venture from the 21st Century Fox, The Walt Disney, and Comcast, which renders the viewers to access the TV episodes given by The CW, NBC, and ABC on the TV.

3. Pricing Factor

Both the streaming services share a share of $7.99 monthly subscription cost, which gets an increase in the case of Netflix. The latest Netflix price results in the $11.99 per month ad-free service are much better than the $7.99/month plan. Also, Hulu has got more option with the limited catalog.

4. Classic Hulu Originals

In the current scenario, every streaming service is trying hard to better their content library to provide the best streaming experience to all their users. And in this way, Hulu has become very active to extend its content library. Recently, it has got the agreements with all the five major U.S. broadcasters, having placed the deals with the NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX. Till now, Hulu has added a classic series of the original programming that has got all the critical acclaim including comedies “Difficult people” and “Casual.” While in the drama section, Hulu has recently released out “The Path” series. So, if you are looking out for original programming, then you will get to see a lot more.

5. The Ultimate Criterion Collection

For all the viewers of the Criterion Collection, Hulu renders an impressive collection of films included in the paid subscription.  If you are interested in the films offered by Criterion collection provides, then Hulu is the best choice that you can get with the ultimate collection of 900 films from the catalog.


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