If you have got the Android device on your side, then check out the way to setup the useful Hulu Beta Preview program on your Android device.

All Hulu users, are you streaming better with your Hulu streaming service? With the continuous efforts, Hulu has marked itself as one of the key streaming services in the category of top class streaming services. With the bunch of finest features and a fascinating lineup of Hulu content, the streaming service has also been the favorite choice of all the users across the global boundaries. In the list of users, if you are a new member in the Hulu family, then do make sure to create your Hulu account to get the access to your favorite content on the big screen.

As the level of competition and technology is rising, the company has also started enhancing its streaming service with the exclusive lineup of features and latest titles in the Hulu library to render the satisfactory streaming experience to all the global users. Well, in the direction of expanding its presence in the market, the company has recently bagged a contract with the renowned 20th Century Fox, which will allow the streaming company to add and show 3000 additional episodes of the famous TV series. On the practical note, this deal will render the exclusive bunch of episodes to all the users, making it the classic source of entertainment to catch the latest content.

Apart from this happening, you can always stay in touch with the latest Hulu updates by joining the Hulu beta preview app on your compatible device. In this blog, we will mainly show you the setup steps for setting the app on the Android device. So, if you have got an Android device, then check out the steps below.

Note: Before heading to the main steps, ensure that you have completely enrolled in the Hulu Beta Program to get the benefit. After completing the enrollment, just wait for a confirmation email regarding the installation process.

  1. Firstly, make sure that you have signed into the mobile device browser with the similar Google Account that you access at the time of applying for joining the Hulu Beta program.
  2. Now, head onto track your confirmation email, which will have the Google Play store link that you will require to start on your mobile device.
  3. After getting the link, just tap on it and you will get the explanation regarding the meaning of a tester, and you will also get a new link to opt for the Hulu Beta program by choosing “Become a tester.”
  4. After you successfully choose, you will be enabled to check out the app updates through the Google Play Store and then download the Hulu preview app.
  5. Finally, the Hulu preview is now installed on the device. Note that there could be a separate app install on the side by side basis with the existing Hulu app or the running Hulu app may get updated.

Check out the steps for uninstallation-

  1. Head on to your App Drawer, then do a long press on the Hulu app, and then head to the “Delete’ option.
  2. Just unlock the URL that you tapped when you first installed the app to become a tester. To get the URL, you should check out the email coming from preview@hulu.com. After that, head to choose the “Leave the program” to stop being the tester.
  3. After searching out the email coming from preview@hulu.com, head to tap the link to quickly update the profile at the center and then delete your Google account.
  4. Lastly, you can also download the original Hulu app from the Google Play store again to resume watching the excellent Hulu streaming service on your Android device.


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